Russian women want to meet a financially secure, handsome man behind whom it is ‘as behind a stonewall’ – nothing to be afraid of, reliable and secure. A DREAM is a sincere and faithful husband who will be with her against all the odds, take her as she is with all her hysterics… BUT they often marry the one who loves them very much and is persistent in his love and they even forget about prosperity, reliability etc. Russian brides are afraid of being left, that a man will go to a lover or start drinking. They are afraid of showing an initiative for building a relationship with a man. That’s why they do nails, dress in a sexy way and sit near an open window waiting for their prince on a golden horse who will see them, lose his head because of love, show initiative and knock them out with his love.
Women from America want a man not to interfere with them especially in such an important affair as a family creation. They are more demanding in relationships and within marriage. They are heads of their families as the law is on their side. Because of this American (and European) men don’t decide for creating a family at once. They need to take a start to defend their property in case of a divorce. A bride from America is a big and expensive present for a man who in case of receiving one is just obliged to realize how much lucky he is. American women are afraid of their love being undervalued and that one will show with their behavior that she is not the one to be treated seriously. They are sensitive in relationships and vulnerable… but in complicated situations they for some reason prefer squaring off instead of suffering as ‘Russian beauties having no rights’.
The article is based on the information of the site e-russian-brides.net