If someone still believes in sincere feelings and that every woman dreams of finding her prince and that’s why, having been disappointed in compatriots, decides to get acquainted with a foreigner, than it’s in vain. Now most of girls who register of dating sites do it only to make money and take it as a normal job. They communicate with several men, write letters where they say what men want to hear, make video chats, and all this to shake them down.
Except that women get money from an agency for all these manipulations after some time of communication with a man they begin pumping out money for language resources and gifts. Very often girls registered on dating sites are married or at least have a boyfriend.
However, not only Ukrainian ladies can be not sincere with their foreign gentlemen, the latter also not always have heavenly thoughts and sincere intentions. Many women face the fact that foreigners want a Ukrainian woman for a wife not because of sincere love, beauty or domesticity. They are sure that women here live so bad that it’s enough to promise them a departure abroad and they will be ready for everything…

When probing deeper one finds out that agencies don’t work quite fairly. They surely don’t violate law not to be brought to justice. Agencies place advertisements about them needing translators of English language for corresponding and accompaniment of meetings but in most cases it turns out that a girl herself should not just translate but act as a bride herself.
And there also are cases when there lack girls in the agencies and young men who correspond on behalf of ladies and communicate with foreigners being at the back of beautiful girls are employed. They tap for money also the same successfully as representatives of the fair sex, but when a talk about a meeting begins they start back-pedaling explaining that they are still not ready, or that they prefer another candidate.
Fortunately for those who take seriously an idea of private life organization through a dating agency, not everything is so sad, and in this business there really are responsible organizations working to join people. However, these are often branches of international dating agencies and not local companies. That’s why before turning for help to one or another company one should study all the information existing about it carefully not to swallow the bait to those who want to make money out of problems of other people.
Source: a-goodwife.com