In the USA there are more than 200 marriage agencies that provide information about citizens from other countries wishing to marry an American. Each year in the United States, there appears to be six thousand new couples who apply for resettlement in the USA. The volume of such matrimonial emigration is 3 to 4 percent of all women who immigrate to this country and 0.4 percent of the total emigration to the United States.
Any marriage or dating agency has its own huge data banks. They consist of the names of potential brides by mail, addresses, photos and biographies. The information is verified by female candidates and you can get it in printed form, on pieces of paper or a digital copy via the Internet. You can pay for each address and you can chat with a girl by yourself and write what you want.
Another way is free, but also through the Internet. The network has dozens of e- dating, where anyone can post information about themselves and leave their addresses, including what type of relationship they are interested in; marriage, flirting, adultery or a long-term relationship without unnecessary formalities.
The third way is self-promotion of women seeking a life partner; they can do that through a local newspapers and popular magazines for men, as well as through personal contact.
The total annual market of mail order brides in the United States is 100-150 thousand women. The composition of the market, of course, is international, but the two main sources of brides are viewed very clearly; first is the Philippines, and second is the independent states of the former USSR. The leaders in the supply of brides from the former Soviet Union are Russia and Ukraine.
Representatives of other nationalities are also ready to get married Americans, of course, but not in such big quantities and on an individual basis without the help of dating agencies.
Most international marriage and dating agencies are not working with all types of women and specialize in one area; South East Asia, Latin and South America, and the former Soviet Union. Especially the processes are associated with finding a partner in the agencies supplying mail-order brides from Russia and Ukraine.
Foreign women choose American husbands for various reasons. But passion love is not among the first reasons.
The analysis undertaken by the authors of the report shows that foreign women are motivated by the desire for a better life; to live in the United States is easier than in Indonesia, Ukraine or Russia. It's not even that in the United States is better or quieter, but the fact that that it's easier to find a job and study. This is the opinion of the experts which advised the authors of the report. However, if you ask the brides why they want to find a husband in distant lands, they like American men. The women, in terms of aggregate opinion, look at them from abroad as all beautiful and courageous, having qualities similar to the heroes of Hollywood movies, with the right lifestyle and family values.
Is it true or not - in this case it does not matter. It is important that women say they are attracted to just that.


What makes men seek a foreign wife? Why do they expect an unhappy marriage with a woman from America? The answer to this question is also presented in the research.

So you met your fiancée, who is about to become your lawful wife, is a woman from Ukraine or Russia. How does she move to America and get her citizenship?