At first: the role of men in the family. It is not a secret that Ukrainian men are not ideal husbands ... The main reason why Ukrainian women are leaving the country - the impossibility of creating a full-fledged family based on mutual feelings and respect.
The role of men in the American family has undergone in recent decades, now it is changed. Most of the partners in American families have the equal income, so the men’s values are changed . The guys in the USA can do more family duties; most of them do the groceries, purchase absolutely different products.

A research of the advertising agency “Cunningham & Walsh", indicates that more men may be considered as “housekeepers." The results of the research demonstrate that 47 percent of guys in the USA usually vacuum the house, 33 - are using the washing machine , 37 - make a bed , 23 – clean the dust , 27 - clean a bathroom, 21 - sort a laundry , 23 - wipe the dishes, 14 percent – are engaged in cleaning the oven.
Men in the United States are more sensual, and they are still romantic, they are attracted to anything that has to do with romance. So that is the opinion of the Russian women. They are very interested in issues relating to healthy lifestyles, parenting. These men have no objection to assist wives regarding household. They strive to achieve a balance between work and family responsibilities and their free time.
At second, the stability and reliability. This is what in men the girls from Ukraine appreciate the best. Women believe that these men will provide them stability, and they will be with this husband as behind “a stone wall”. Certainly, women from Ukraine are attracted by the material side, because the level of life in the USA is much higher and more prestigious for them. The general level of culture in America is also higher than in Ukraine, which affects the men at first, they are polite, considerate, nurtured on respect for the woman and they have a charm.