The first reason. The percentage of female population in Ukraine is much bigger than the male.
In Europe, on the contrary, there are more men. In addition, they look good, elegant and even in advanced age retain the vitality and optimism.

Many of them are interesting, smart and wealthy gentlemen.
The second reason. In the US and Western Europe, people create a family much later than in Ukraine. In Ukraine, women are looking for the men too early, fearing to be alone and to become an "old maid." And it is clear-a successful man of 40-50 years old, is not usually looking for a woman of the same age to create a family. He's looking for a girl much younger than him. This is not necessarily for such a man to look great and nice and to date a young woman for a long time! Because in Ukraine today, the reality is the choice of men, they will decide if they are going to marry someone. A woman needs to raise children, take care of the house, work and build a career. Besides of that she also needs to take care of her man.

In Europe the situation is quite different. Ladies marry between the ages of 30 to 40 years old, the guys even later. People create a family consciously before checking out their feelings. And only then they build family relationships. Therefore, a woman knows that she has a right to make choices. So many Ukrainian women that by local standards were not beauties said that only abroad, they were able to feel like real women! In Europe for a woman of 40 years old, the life has just begun. And in Ukraine, single women at this age are already quite confident. Because we have traditionally believed that after 30 years old a woman has no chance to start a family, meet an interesting man. Many women in Ukraine want to marry a foreign guy just because Ukrainian men I do not consider them worthy of their attention after 30-40 years old.

Of course, often one of the reasons that Russian women decide to marry abroad is economic problems and a desire to relocate to another country, but it is quite a small percentage.