Many men think that to find a lonely Ukrainian girl in New York is practically impossible. She is either with somebody who is better than you or she is not happy with your ‘position’ in society, or she likes you, but having a more profitable ‘variant’ she chooses the latter one… Yes, there is a problem.
But has anybody ever put oneself a question if it is easy for women from Ukraine in New York? Yes, there are enough admirers for everyone both among Russian population of Brooklyn and among an English-speaking part of the city. Everyone and everywhere would like to get acquainted: in the street, in the metro, in a bar at a table nearby.
But all this is not the thing for some reason… One always wants to find something better, more reputable, with a better perspective, with a good job and even better with one’s own business, with a car, a flat and so on. And also to love her and find enough time for her… These are demands of Ukrainian brides in New York.

There live various Ukrainian girls in New York. There are Ukrainian women who live according to the same rules and with the same habits as on their motherland – everything only Ukrainian – from gingerbread to champagne, from feast with friends to Ukrainian cuisine in a small flat, most often bought just in Brighton Beach.
There are women who found themselves professionally in Americans companies, take flats for rent in good districts of the city, meet in the best American clubs and restaurants (but their native things are also not strange for them, even quite the opposite) and the main thing is that their social network is not limited by only Russians and Ukrainians, they are friends with representatives of all nationalities and visit both Ukrainian and American, Indian, Spanish, Chinese and other events. Such girls like diverse cuisine, but at the same time they celebrate ‘the Old New Year’ and the 9th of May in prototypical soviet restaurants like a ‘Russian samovar’. Such girls usually work as financiers or programmers, lawyers, in a sphere of marketing, design, medicine and advertising… A separate niche is a model business. Here Ukrainian beauties are beyond competition. But limitations are still present – one can hardly Ukrainian journalists, writers or broadcasters – spheres where one has to know the specifics of English language as their mother tongue.
And there is also a so called ‘elite’ – these are either daughters of representatives of ‘Ukrainian diplomacy’, children of politicians and Bohemia. These are usually girls with a languishing look dressed haute couture and renting flats in the most fashionable and expensive districts of New York. They prefer mixing only in those places where they are provided with a free entrance and a VIP-table. Their relation to men is always only a consumer's one.