However, because of different mentalities between American and Russian women exist quite remarkable differences that can’t be left unnoticed in men’s eyes.

Romantic date
American women are feminists in their majority, and even having met a man they constantly speak of their dissatisfaction with men. Besides, if a guy looks at an American girl in a wrong way or says something wrong to her, she can just stand up and leave no matter where you are.
It’s more pleasant to go on dates with Russian women and feel yourself a man. They let you take care of them: they love it when you give them flowers and say compliments to them, help them to take off their clothes in a restaurant. You can take decisions with such a girl and know that it will be taken positively. Besides, a girl thinks not of herself only as an American one does, she takes care of a man for him to feel well, she always tries to take into consideration his wishes concerning his pastime, in food and other things.

Clothing and style
Girls in Russia dress in a more feminine way: skirts, blouses, high heels. American women have jeans and a T-shirt and sports shoes for all situations. Even if they go to a restaurant such a clothing will be considered to be normal for them.

Marriage: is it a Russian love or an American consideration?
For a Russian woman it’s important if she just loves a man. She wants to legalize her relations with him to belong to each other to the full, to create a normal family.
American girls more often marry to demand their rights (firstly financial), and they leave their husbands without any reason, can assign his property with the help of an American system of justice.
In general, peculiarities of Russian and American girls can be shown in 2 TV-images. An American woman is a Cat-woman. Independent, superior, able to defend herself in any situation, in general she is a ‘miss-don’t-touch-me-I-can-do-everything-myself’.
And here is an image of a Russian girl: a pretty beauty (though one can meet different evil women and Snow Queens). It doesn’t mean at all that she will play up to a man in all his whims, but she will surely take care of him, create home comfort and pleasant atmosphere, in difficult situations (even if she can do it herself) she will count on a man’s help and support. And a man near her will feel himself a defense and a support, and, surely, a knight saving his princess.

Source: http://city-of-brides.net/ru-vs-usa.html