About the project: script writers of the show found four normal men. They really look for a wife. They really live in America! All participants – women from Russia and Ukraine are sent to Miami coast to a classy villa where they will struggle for hearts of the American princes. On their example we will see how one can win love and reach happiness. A fatal beauty or a naïve simple girl? Or maybe American men need a caring mother? Or maybe they dream of a girl-friend with whom it’s cool to eat pizza and watch football? What to wear for a high society rout? How to behave on a romantic date? What to speak about on a meeting with his friends? And how to please his parents? The reality-show ‘American fiancé’ is an instruction to a problem ‘What to do for Russian girls to find a real man’.
But not only parties and entertainments wait for the girls. Men prepare complicated tests for all the participants. And every week one of the girls will leave the project. And a new participant will take her place. In the final fiancés will get their choices acquainted with their parents and make a final decision – to marry a Russian beauty or send her home to Russia.
As part of the ‘American fiancé’ project a TV-channel FRIDAY! invited Nina – a Russian girl who lives in the States for a few years. Nina honestly told about her experience of relations with Americans and at the same time about curious details from life of American men. It turned out that Russian girls have a big popularity abroad! Spoiled mercantile American women match an image of a wife in no way, that’s why more and more Americans admire Russian beauties.
‘Definitely, Russian girls are very popular in America! I recollect all my Russian friends whose serious relationships are unsuccessful in their motherland. And abroad all is perfect with them and there is no end of suitors! Why? Many of my American acquaintances say that Russian girls attract them with their sense of humor and humbleness. And also an accent! They say we speak English in a strikingly charming way’, tells Nina. In more details about problems of marriage and family one can read here, for instance. Owners of the site tried to maximally reveal a character, views on life and mentality of Russian brides.