Beautiful and smart lady, attractive and feminine, interesting interlocutor , behaves properly in society, supports home comfort, cooks excellent, but goes through life alone. Why? The feeling of loneliness pervades consciousness, she wants to start a family, but a decent man does not appear on the horizon. Unfortunately, only several lucky Ukrainian women can become a wife and mother. The girl who constantly feels the loneliness, begins to lose faith in men, thinks that her envious friends and everything in the world are against her happiness....
The main reason for loneliness in the Ukraine is demographic - insufficient number of single men of marriage age.
According to statistics, there are fewer men in Ukraine than women: the ratio is for 100 women – only 92 men. It means for every 8 girls from 100 are single for objective reasons! If we look at the data by region and age factors, everything is even sadder. Men die earlier, some of them even - at a young age. Men are more susceptible to serious diseases, including heart attacks. As a result, in big cities have at every tenth woman older 35 will not be able to find a man - for demographic reason.

At the loneliness of Ukrainian ladies also men are guilty. Ukrainian men have not the best reputation - in the province, if a man does not drink, he is almost perfect, despite the complete absence of his other advantages. The men from the capital of Ukraine cannot accept family values of the Western society: according to Ukrainian men it is not fashionable to be married. Media impose the image of the eternally young, successful and single man, without a wife and children, without all family problems. Young Ukrainian society in the face of men is not ready yet to grow up and mature, to accept the family values. This is neither good nor bad, it is the reality. Eventually, all will be corrected, but till that time these women will be lonely.
Another reason why most beautiful Ukrainians are alone is their high level of intelligence. Successful Ukrainian man would rather live with young and beautiful girl who will not be smart, than with an intelligent pretty woman who will be equal to him.