What is the difference between Russian girls and Western women? In Western countries, for example in the USA, women grow internally independent. They are not thinking about that is necessary for someone to adapt to the detriment of their health or their habits.
They know their rights and are able to defend themselves. Therefore, foreign men seem them pragmatic and not very feminine.
Of course, American women as well as Russian women know how to keep a house, take care of a husband and children. But at the same time, they do not forget themselves, and their desire they always put at the first place.
Ukrainian wife for the American man is a mother, a daughter, a housekeeper, etc. ... And all these qualities somehow can be combined in one woman. With an American woman a guy will not be in bed with a thermometer, and no will be like a mother one around him, even if he has just a runny nose. Even with a simple cold, Russian wife immediately becomes a “resuscitation team” with pills, tea in bed.

But the most amazing and awesome thing is like they say, "Dog’s” dedication to the beloved one. If so God gave her such a sense, she will give this feeling completely without a residue. Ukrainian girl is completely dissolved in the beloved man, she begins to live his life, sometimes she begins to think like him and love him with all her enthusiasm. His girlfriends, boys parties go past and all world’s vanity . Previously, such a strong and independent, sometimes as many girls think about themselves becomes tender, weak and defenseless.
Also the important fact is the appearance - Ukrainians know how to dress sexy and attractive, as they have a good taste. It attracts men's views. It is nice to be close to a woman who is sexy, beautiful, attractive, charming and at the same time, faithful and caring wife and a mother of the children.
Also there is an important question of femininity. Here the interests of Ukrainian are coincided with the interests of American boys - they just did not want to see next to them emancipated ladies who fiercely fought for their rights. Men began to complain of a lack of femininity, lack of affection and attention from their girlfriends. All these things they can find in brides from Ukraine.